Welcome to The College Essential Online Magazine, dedicated to providing the actual college essentials needed to either enhance or initiate the start of a fulfilling college experience. Anything from energy drinks, to oodles and noodles, to prophylactics etc.
Welcome to The College Essential, the online magazine dedicated to providing the actual "college essentials" needed to either enhance or initiate the start of a fulfilling college experience. Whether you’re a current or future college student or an alumni who never got to appreciate the true essence of the college life, the contents of this online magazine should hold the factors that decides whether you choose to say “I wish I never have to leave college” or “Damn, am I ever going to graduate?” The goal of The College Essential is to be the outlet and channel for any and everything college related, while transmitting it in a manner in which the “average” college student can relate. Avoiding the politically correct route and ignoring corporate influences; we will attempt to list what the real “college essentials” are and give you, the college students, the opportunity to share and exchange the things needed, for complete college life, that your college brochure couldn’t and would never provide.
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